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Enhance your life force, energy and vitality through movement. Release tension, energise your body, calm your mind and stay focused on the moment. YOGA - GROUP CLASSES Develop strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, increase energy, and enhance the ability to deal with stress. The unique style of Yoga Synergy is based on a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha yoga. It is taught in a safe, fun and intelligent way with a maximum of 8 people in each class. Every posture has a simple and a more challenging version. All students – regardless of strength and flexibility – are encouraged to understand the simple versions of the postures before the more complex versions are attempted. Students can then choose the level of difficulty that suits them, from moment to moment, day to day. YOGA - PRIVATE CLASSES Each session is tailored to your requirements. Establish a basic understanding of how a yoga practice will look to you. Be guided through a series of postures and breathing techniques tailored to your individual body, experience and requirements. Benefits include: - stress relief, - increased focus, - improved quality of sleep, - support immune, digestive, nervous and reproductive systems - increased strength without over-tensing - increased flexibility without over-stretching YOGA - 8 WEEK COURSE Begins Saturday 6th February ENERGY HEALING TREATMENTS - REIKI, PRANIC HEALING Each treatment includes: • Aura Cleansing • Chakra Balancing • Reiki "Hands on Healing" • Crystals intuitively selected • Card Reading (optional) Some common benefits include:  • Stress reduction; • Reduced depression and anxiety; • ​​​​Increased self awareness, acceptance and trust; • Experiencing deep relaxation, peace and inner balance; • Increased supply of life force, assisting your body to heal; • Improved emotional clarity, inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual growth; • Release debris that are energetically stored emotionally, mentally or physically; • Gaining new perspectives and promoting a more positive outlook; • Receiving guidance to create positive changes in your life; • Increased mobility; • Deeper connection with your self and increased loving kindness.

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