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Dr Emilia Dauway is a Surgical Oncologist, an Oncoplastic Surgeon, Yoga Teacher, Author, established the Centre for Personal Renewal, and is the founding director of RESTORE More, a non-profit in Australia. She was awarded “Inspirational Woman of the Year 2019” for her holistic approach to surgery and her work with regional women. Based in Hervey Bay, Queensland. By incorporating yoga and mindfulness in her surgical practice, Dr Emilia Dauway empowers women to live without fear through mindful living. DR EMILIA'S SERVICES INCLUDE: Second Opinions, Breast Surgery, Oncologic Surgery & General Surgery. Yoga classes (offline & online classes), and a book. About the Book Live Fearlessly introduces readers to the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness practices for those who desire to live without constant fear of recurrence or death. The author speaks to the reader from the perspective of an experienced oncologic surgeon, but also that of a yoga teacher. Live Fearlessly educates the reader of the impact of fear on mental and physical well-being. It reviews the scientific evidence of mindset on health and provides the reader with practical solutions through a practice which is readily available and thousands of years old. The best way for the reader to understand the message of the book is to experience it for themselves. This book offers an invitation to reframe the way you think about breast cancer (or any illness) from a different perspective and mindset. Live Fearlessly is a road map to a fulfilling life beyond recovery and one that every woman who has experienced breast cancer should read.

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