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Namaste, My love of yoga began in 2003 with Iyengar Yoga which slowly began to influence my daily life. Yoga classes were a gratifying way to move through my day with a sense of ease, balance and clarity. For the past 7 years I have been devoted to gaining and sharing my experience and knowledge within classes, guiding the individual to a sense of joy and wellbeing within themselves. Having trained in Bali in Pure Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Sky Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage, I have a passionate and nurturing aspect to my classes which allows freedom to experience a deeper connection to mind and body. I enjoy discovering and pushing the boundaries with movement, exploring creative, playful and unique ways to move through stress, anxiety and tension and everything else in between to help connect with the self. I look forward to connecting with you. Fun Facts: I love to swim and I will often be seen in the pool or sea with my mermaid tail on. I love music, discovering new sounds that stir the soul, I will often be heard singing in the shower. I have also been known to break out into spontaneous dance if I hear a catchy beat. I love to create, whether that be painting, jewellery making and cooking. Having lived in multiple countries, I enjoy the challenge of learning a new language and living and breathing the culture, I am always looking for a reason to travel and explore more of the planet. Estelle – Liv Priya

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