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Turn up the heat If you are looking for a deeply transformative experience that helps you step into your true strength, join us at Flex Hot Yoga! From the high intensity flow of a heated power vinyasa class to the calm focus of a restorative Yin practice, we support you to push past your limitations and tap into your true, powerful self. Step out of your comfort zone, transform self-doubt into certainty, and burn off stress through a challenging, fun and reinvigorating practice. Unroll your mat and join us in any of our 25+ weekly yoga classes in Norman Park, Brisbane. Power Vinyasa Strengthen, energise + have fun! Power Yoga, also known as Power Vinyasa, is a dynamic, athletic practice of movement to breath that builds upper body and core strength. The room is mildly heated to 32°C to improve joint mobility and encourage detoxification, leaving you feeling energised and relaxed. These classes follow Flex' signature energetic flow, yet each teacher slightly modifies the postures to keep your practice interesting and fun. All Power Vinyasa classes are beginner friendly, with variations offered throughout the practice to keep even the most experienced yogis on their toes. Yin Yoga Deeply stretch, unwind + calm your mind Yin Yoga is a deeply restorative and meditative practice. Relaxing gravity poses, mostly on the floor, are held to deeply release connective tissues and relieve tension around the joints. Yin is an absolute necessity for athletes who want to regain lost range of motion or to remain supple and free from injuries, aches and pain. Yin is the perfect complement to balance out a strong Power Yoga practice – the Yin and the Yang, the moon and sun, the hard and the soft, the cherries and the cream! Yin Yoga is particularly beginner friendly and the studio is kept at a comfortable, cool temperature throughout the class. Visit our website for more details and our timetable.

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