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Yoga is often spoken about as a means of getting the body more flexible, which is true, but here at Yorkeys Yoga, we appreciate it as a science for something far greater and more beneficial. Over millennia, Yoga has been passed down as a means of harmonizing every aspect of the self - body, mind and emotion. This is achieved through conscious connection between the practitioner and the practices, such as Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, in order to balance those different elements and allow for their positive expression in our daily life. This is perhaps even more relevant now than ever as our lives progress further towards stress and anxiety, depression and difficulty. ​Our vision is one of a holistic Yoga for the whole being and for every being. A number of different class levels and styles are provided to meet your needs but regardless of style, every class at the studio aims to uplift and revitalize the entire being, gaining not only physical flexibility but also mental and emotional flexibility to accommodate all the bumps in life. This is the Yoga we know; this is the Yoga we love; and the only thing better than Yoga is being able to share it with others! ​ Jaye and is very passionate about Yoga and a big believer in its transformative effects on mind, body and life. It opened her to a new way of thinking and has since become a trusted lifetime companion. Jaye sees Yoga as a priceless tool, providing a calm and safe platform to check inwards, enabling strength, connection and rejuvenation. Whether practicing Asana, Pranayama or meditation, that sense of ease never ceases to find its way onto the mat and into her day just by 'showing up'. Jaye is qualified in Core Vinyasa, Prenatal and postnatal yoga and has taken a shine to the more quieter practices of yoga such as Restorative and Yin yoga and is continuing with further teacher trainings in both these modalities.. Jaye believes there is no "there" and the juicy bits are all in the learning and the journey. ​A class with Jaye will always be a step closer towards happiness and health, whatever life throws your way. Additionally Jaye offers Chakra balance massage and is certified through the colour institute Australia and also indian head massage.

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