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1103-1105 Riversdale Road
Surrey Hills

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Jeeva Health is established to promote health naturally through Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga in Australia. Ayurveda has been developed by several generations of Acharya's (Physician Saints) and Ayurvedic practitioners (Vaidhya's). The main aim of Jeeva health is to strictly follow the principles of Ayurvedic philosophy, which is to promote longitivity and prevent disease. Major emphasis is placed on health promotion, chronic disease prevention and in the treatment of diseases for which the conventional medical system has been of limited or no assistance. Jeeva Commitment Our commitment at Jeeva Health is to provide you with a unique Ayurvedic service to promote your health and wellbeing. Jeeva health is dedicated to provide you with the ultimate personalised health rejuvenation experience. We believe knowledge and truth are the two key essential assets in approaching complex issues. Jeeva health is committed to adhering to this principle in the promotion of Ayurveda and in treating the health of their patients. Encouraging clients towards healthy life style and maintaining confidentiality and respect. Our Programs Our unique health promotion programs of Ayurvedic treatments and one to one health and lifestyle education sessions enable you to experience profound relaxation and also return home with a wealth of knowledge for continued health and vitality. Our branches are located in Melbourne CBD, Surrey Hills and Canberra.

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