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Tasha Briggs is a certified kundalini yoga instructor since 2015 with further training in the Himalayas in 2017 and yoga therapy training in 2019. Tasha is currently continuing her studies in yoga therapy as well as a Masters in Social Work. Tasha has personally utilised kundalini yoga for trauma recovery and is a trauma informed practitioner. Kundalini Yoga is an experiential practice using a variety of breath, movement, sound & meditation techniques to achieve transformation. The fundamental source of this practice is developed by accessing the reservoir of energy at the base of the spine (kundalini), which naturally ascends & moves through the body. Each kriya (sequence of movements) is designed to access the kundalini, strengthen the nervous system & release stagnant energy to result in a clear mind, open heart & expanded energy field. Benefits: - Clearer, calmer mind & improved mood - Increased awareness & energy - Strengthens & balances the nervous system - Increased connection to self and source - Internal & external change & transformation - Creative flow & inspiration - Relaxation & healing Every Wednesday 9.30 - 11 am Every Friday 6 - 7.30 am Location: Gecko Hall 139 Durringan Street, Currumbin

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