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Discover your innate divine potential and use the daily tools and new perspectives that will allow you to embody your fullest vibrational potential. Do the same old patterns of behaviours, thoughts or situations occur in your life? Heal and activate your energy centres to create a highly magnetic vibration. Discover and shift the heavy stored energy blocking you from living the life that desires you. Step into your highest vibrational self. Liberate your mind, body and spirit. Through The Liberation Process you can access and heal the energy system through: Deep healing visualisations Shamanic and Kundalini breathwork Inner child subconscious re-programming Therapeutic yoga, and Self-inquiry journaling exercises. Our vibe is everything It is how we show up in the world and what shows up for us. Everything we see in our lives right now, from our relationships to our financial well-being, to how we feel about our selves is a reflection of our vibrational state of being. Everything in the entire universe us made up of energy. This is no longer hippy new age woo woo – this has now been proven by science and in this course I combine mystical teachings with scientific evidence. You will observe how the charge of energy moves through you as an individual. Discover where in your energy body there are blockages and what life experiences might have created them so that you can start to shift them Learn how to work with your physiology to shift your vibrational state – our posture amongst other things affects us spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. For example, working to release your pelvic floor, the physical site of the root energy centre, will tend to bring more trust and surrender into your everyday life, so you can finally let go of some of that stress! Learn how you can become the master of your energy body and your own healer. What you can expect from this course Get to know yourself on an energetic level so that you can bring in more energy Ground yourself Leraning how to start consciously creating your reality Cultivate patience Develop an inner sanctuary Trust the wisdom of your body Feel safe in your body, trust that life is supporting you Speak your truth Call in soul aligned relationships Standing in your power Self love Clarity your life's purpose/soul mission

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