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Hi, I'm Nicky. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a storyteller, yoga teacher and voice confidence coach. I'm based in the Hunter Valley, Australia and run yoga & voice classes, a voice confidence group program and one to one coaching online. I'm also an actor, with a love of writing and spoken word, that's my medicine, along with great music and dancing. I have a passion for social justice and equality and I'm all about cultivating connection, compassion, self-awareness and expression. I help people who coach, speak, teach & create, connect to their voice, believe in themselves & speak with confidence. You are someone who leads your life with kindness, generosity and inclusivity. You have integrity and are dedicated to transformation within yourself and the world. You are resourceful and committed to using your voice to live a bigger life and have a positive impact on the planet. You are seeking to create change in your own life, within your community, workplace or family. You want to find the courage to speak up when it's needed, and to lead from a place of empowered presence. You're open to listening deeply to your own truth and to question the beliefs that no longer serve you. You want to be empowered to truly value what you do in the world and therefore have more economic power and say. You might want to leave relationships or workplaces that are toxic for you. To be able to speak up without layering guilt or shame on top. You want to be able to step forward courageously to fulfill your dreams and desires. As a teacher, leader, coach, artist and change maker you will influence how we evolve as human beings and you want that influence to be aligned with your truth and positive for the planet.

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