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Nurture, Inspre, Create. Find your Samadhi! Inspiring you to be the best you can be with classes, workshops and holistic retail space in the heart of Mogo, just 10 minutes south of Batemans Bay and 15 minutes north of Moruya. Samadhi Tribe Yoga & Wellness Hub in Mogo is a small studio with a big heart. Offering a space to learn about the benefits of yoga and how you can encorporate mindful daily practices into your life. Facilitating mindful movement of the body with yoga posture (asana). Creating awareness with meditation (dhyāna), breathing exercises (pranayama) and ancient techniques. Here at Samadhi Tribe, we inspire each person to create space within to find and know themselves. Assisting you to balance the mind, move the body and ultimately discover the peace in your heart that we all call joy. Samadhi Tribe offers a service to the community from which we can all benefit. Nurturing a mindful practice with yoga and meditation. Creating a positive impact in your body and mind. Inspiring all to be the best they can be in their daily lives. To find the art of belonging, being present and mindful in all that we do. Samadhi Tribe intends to bring Yoga into everyday lives that will bring benefits that enrich all living beings. Servicing the community with yoga, meditation, pranayama, workshops, support circles and other specialties. Samadhi being the highest state that someone who practises true ancient yoga practices can reach. Consistent complete harmony of the self with the universe to create blissful consciousness. The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation: Connects the mind, body and emotions Balances the whole individual from inside out Improves flexibility, builds muscle strength Perfects your posture and protects your spine Betters your bone health, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown Increases your blood flow, aids lymphatic drainage and boosts immunity Brings awareness of your breathing Greatly reduces stress Controls and relieves anxiety Promotes emotional health Enhances self-awareness Lengthens attention span Helps with memory retention Samadhi Tribe Yoga & Wellness Hub has a great wellness shop encorperated in the studio. We have a large range of yoga supplies and props, incliding yoga mats, straps, cork blocks, bolsters, meditation stools and cushions, and shakti mats. We also have a great range of organic and holistic products, a large selection of crystals, locally made candles, mala beads, crystal jewellery, Eco Tan, Dr Organics, Holy Smoke Incense, Pukka Teas, Roogenic Teas, apple cider vinegar, holistic dental health, hemp seed oil, magnesium salts, oils and rubs. A large range of Doterra Essential Oils, feminine hygiene, deoderants, alkalising greens and so much more.

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