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I have been assisting people of all ages and from many walks of life for over 30 years with their individual Body – Mind – Health requirements. I draw on a combination of skills developed over many years of practice and have gained a deep understanding of working with the body and mind through ongoing training, education and practical life experience. Movement: Yoga, seniors yoga, exercise and movement awareness. Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana, or simply Being Present, allows you to observe, to see through, to hold on to, or, to let go of the story… the I am this, or I am that, which is constantly lived 24/7. It's like a mini ‘system reboot', allowing for something new to enter, or just to experience what is there in the moment without interpretation. Massage: We are Sensory Beings with the ability to touch and feel. Our physical senses developed to allow us to safely navigate this world. To touch and to be touched: To feel, has enabled us to explore and understand our world. However, to feel, one must be in contact and in relationship, with your own body. This is where Massage and BodyWork can help.

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