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Owning a yoga studio has been a dream of mine since I first stepped on the mat. Finding peace and solitude when my mind needed rest, it was a place that I could come to and be fully mentally, spiritually and physically there with out worrying about the outside world. Yoga for me is a way of healing and a place that your able to come and be you. My journey to yoga is one that had may challengers but it's my journey none the less that has led me to where I am and where I want to be today. I have been lucky enough to study under some amazing teachers, Idit Heffer Tamir, Katie Rose and Sarah Owens to name a few. When I'm not on the yoga mat and not with my family you will find me travelling around Australia sharing the practice of Restorative yoga to different yogis and sharing the modality of Wayapa Wuurk an Indigenous modality of holistic health and wellbeing What makes me different? My life is based around service. It is my love language. It is a way that I can fill my cup, whilst helping people and supporting people. I believe that you come to a yoga class to let go of everything and my goal is to pick that everything up for that short time you are in our space. I am a mother of 2 a wife to Matt for 11 years, and proud daughter to Susan and Greg who over time you will also get to meet as they are my biggest supporters. I would also like to acknowledge the role that Kate has played in my development of my business knowledge and teaching me what is important in life. She helped make the path and know I am following it! Yoga is not just for the mat. It is for every aspect of life and I hope that when you step through the doors of the studio you are able to feel, learn and understand why and how yoga can benefit all aspects of your life. I look forward to getting to know more of you over time and serving the Menai community and beyond.

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