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Enhance Your Health and Wellbeing Unlike most other exercise, yoga not only improves your physical body, it also improves your mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. Focus on breath and the moving meditation helps enhance mindfulness and releases energy blockages. Discover/Explore Yoga A great introduction to, or opportunity to get your yoga foundations right – complements/enhances online yoga practise with alignment focus. Option to focus on a particular family of poses such as backbends, balancing poses or twists - supine and/or standing. Couples/Partner Yoga Deepen your relationship with self and your partner through this yoga flow, also suitable for parents & children over 10. Focus on grounding and centring and then connecting through individual and partner poses. Great for trust building and communicating through the beautiful, silent language of touch. Cleansing Yoga Flush out anything stagnant, anything you no longer need or want with breath and movement in this flow focused on twists and fluidity. A perfect choice for a mind and body spirng clean! Strengthening Yoga Deepen your existing yoga practise through a strong yoga flow with the option to focus on core, legs, arms, whole body and above all - the mind! Playful Yoga Hit pause on your day – abandon any expectations or presumptions and let yourself fly with this fun and energising yoga flow. Restorative Yoga A chance to nurture, reflect and relax your mind and body through gentle yin-style yoga. Uniquely Themed Yoga For special occasions or events – share your intention and we can design a yoga experience to enhance it – perfect for small groups or teams.

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